Your Kingdom Come

18th April 2016

This weekend was good for the soul. We had one set of friends and their precious baby girl visit Friday night and another couple stay with us for the weekend. And for this ESFJ who feels that a life without friends isn’t worth living, that is major restoration for my heart.

We worked some more on the back deck this weekend and it’s so close to being finished. We poured concrete underneath the stairs of the deck and wrote our names in it before it dried. Our friends staying with us wrote their names too and then I added a few names of my closest friends. It made my heart so giddy thinking about their names being written so permanently on the foundation of our home. I get all emotional thinking about the friendships I am blessed with—I blame the F in my ESFJ personality. jax

Via Hannah Joy Wells

But seriously, I experienced so much of God’s Kingdom here on Earth the past two days. Back in July I wrote a tribute about two precious lives that went home to be with Jesus. One of those lives being my friend Andy’s (friend who visited this weekend) sister Ashleigh. Almost ten months later, we sat at dinner with Andy and his wife (plus our close friend Mark) and opened up our hearts as wide as possible to show our hurt and to receive the gift of restoration through friendship. We spoke of pain and unforgiveness and hope. We cried and prayed together at the table and forgot about the watching eyes. Or we just didn’t care. It was beautiful and a picture of what Christ meant when he prayed “Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

I never met Ashleigh but I didn’t have to in order to be changed by her life. Her life glorified Jesus and it continues to do so. And because of her I am more intentional to invite Christ’s Kingdom here on Earth. To look for it in the every day. To seek out restoration. And one way I experience that is through my friendships.

As I move forward into this week and my friends are back home, I am praising Jesus for the time I had with them. I am thankful that when I look at them I see my Father and His love for me. I am so grateful for their reminder of the ways His Kingdom meets us right we are.

May you seek and find His Kingdom among you this week.

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