What a year can bring

18th July 2016

If you would have caught me on July 18th two years ago–I was in a rough season. We had just signed on our first home but the renovations weren’t even close to being done. Aaron was in Georgia for an internship for 8 weeks for Physical Therapy school and our lease on our apartment was up in 13 days. From the beginning of August we lived in several different guest rooms of some really generous friends while our house was getting the bigger renovations done. It was a long and difficult 4 months of never feeling settled and that we quite possibly made a huge mistake.


{See more before pictures here}

Then a week before we moved into our house, I lost my job. So yeah–2014 was a rough one.

Flash forward a year to July 18th 2015 and I had (and still have) a job that provided us with just what we needed. And a year later we realized the mistake we thought we made on our house turned into a beautiful gift. We spent that day throwing a house warming party to show off all the hard work we had put into it in the first year. You can see some pictures of that post here DSCN0491 Flash forward again to today–July 18, 2016. We have completed even more on our house including a DIY Farmhouse Table, a new back deck, our balcony makeover, some changes to the kitchen and all the little details that can easily go unnoticed like repainting trim etc. Our biggest change this year though was my announcement this past weekend that we are expecting a BABY in January.  babes Oh, the stories I will have for you next July 18th. Can’t wait to share them with you <3

13 thoughts on “What a year can bring

  1. melissa hirshburg

    I love this, and I needed to read it today. Thank you for sharing. I did not realize you spent several months living elsewhere while renovating. We are in that unsettled state, living at my parents, and it is taking longer than expected, which is just fine, but hard too. Your post helps remind me of the end in sight.

    1. Married to Restoration Post author

      We would move every two weeks almost to a different house. The last month we were able to stay in one spot but it was SO hard. Especially with Aaron being in school, trying to grocery shop, keep our costs down etc. God provided for us in so many ways during that time that I can’t help but see all the joy in the trial. I know you will too <3

  2. Colette @ restyle it wright

    Congratulations! Renovating a house AND a baby?! So much fun! 🙂 I have a feeling the nursery room will take priority in the house!

    1. Married to Restoration Post author

      Haha yes we will have our hands full! We have to get our house insulated soon so the babes doesn’t freeze. It gets pretty cold inside our house in the winter 😉 That is first priority!


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