What I learned in July

1st August 2016

Doing one of my favorite practices of taking a look back before moving forward. July has been very introspective for me and I am sharing a bit with you here. Here are some (mostly serious) things I learned this month. DSC_8082 Pregnancy hormones are so real.

Short story: I may or may not have bawled while at the gun range. All I can say is my emotions hit the roof and I just couldn’t control it. It was a small and hot room, with lots of loud noises (obviously!) and shells flying everywhere. Overwhelming and totally embarrassing but thankfully I can laugh about it now. I definitely learned that will not be a hobby of mine.

Befriending someone completely opposite of you is vital.

Recently I was matched to mentor a single mom (20 years old) who aged out of foster care. My contact from Family Support Services asked me this month how our friendship was going—here is my exact response to her (I changed my mentee’s name out of privacy) “That’s such a loaded question ha! My friendship with Natalie is certainly growing. She is open and trusting and I am very thankful for that. She accepted me right away and shares so much with me. I am thankful for that too. Our lives are drastically different as well as our stories but I think it’s so good for both of us to learn and listen from each other. Our friendship has never been more important. Thank you for the opportunity!”

There are seasons in all areas of life.

I was recently contacted by a girl on Instagram who bought a fixer upper and wanted my advice and opinion. I gave her a list of my “here is what I have learned in this process” advice. One of those being that there are certainly seasons of peaks and valleys. Some days I want to stop everything we are doing and sell our house. Some days I don’t want to fix anything, DIY anything or decorate anything. Some days there is absolutely no progress. And sometimes those days turn into weeks. I reminded her that those seasons will come and they’re completely normal and okay. I needed to remind myself of that too.

There are also seasons to be silent.

I am certainly in a season of slow and silent here at Married to Restoration. I have been uncomfortable with it at times but mostly it’s been freeing to take a break. I wrote a post about it here.

Goodbyes never get easier.

I said see you later to a sweet friend this week as she moved to North Carolina. So thankful that Jesus unites us as family forever. NC you gained one beautiful soul this month. kim I am so EXCITED for August as we find out what Baby Tillman will be!!! BOY OR GIRL?!?!?! Can’t wait to fill you in 😉

4 thoughts on “What I learned in July

  1. Erin

    I ugly cried through the entire second half of the comedy Dan in Real Life when I was pregnant, so I get it.

    Also! Awesome for you to be mentoring this young mom! I’d love to hear more about it.

    1. Married to Restoration Post author

      Oh man Steve Carell is my favorite! And that movie is definitely a good one–I’m sure I probably cried in it too.

      I would love to share more about my friend. You can vox me anytime 😉

  2. melissa hirshburg

    Hey Shaina, It’s always fun stopping by your blog. Loved reading about what you have been learning and about the seasons of life you have experienced and are experiencing right now.


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