2nd March 2016

Today was supposed to be my post about all I learned in February. I would link up with Emily Freeman and other awesome people around the world to share all that this past month had taught us.

But then I caught some kind of funk and plans changed. I still “plan” to write the post. But at this rate who knows. If I am being honest with you (which of course I want to be) I hardly ever know what I am going to write about. I don’t plan my blog posts in advance. I usually just write something the morning of or the night before. sunshine
I am naturally a scheduled, rule follower type of person. But not here. In this space I never know what each week will look like. All I know is I try to post on Monday and Wednesday and have some weekend links on Friday but that’s about it. The rest I just make it up as I go along. It’s so strange the ways this blog takes me out of the box I put myself in and leaves wide open spaces for some messy, artsy, creative work.

My soul needs it. Plans can’t always dictate my life. And when I write here they don’t. It’s so freeing and I am beginning to understand why I like this so much. Thank you for giving me grace for not having this perfect blog and understanding that plans change.

If you could pray for this funky funk to clear up asap that would be wonderful. It’s event week here at the office and I need some gumption.

Love to you all,


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