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9th March 2016

I know y’all have seen the Farmhouse Table that Aaron built a million times. And I am pretty sure you know how much I love it. Sharing a meal with others is one of my favorite things and having a table that can host up to 12 people is swoony and just reminds me of God’s Kingdom.

But another reason and definitely a more shallow reason (just being honest) of why I love the table so much is because it actually fits the space. Since our home is 107 years old it’s just one BIG piece of house with all kinds of AWKWARD nooks and crannies. But I stinking love them.

Making the nooks and crannies less awkward can be a challenge especially since we’re on a tight budget. For the first year and half we had our regular, perfectly beautiful and normal table and six chairs in our dining room.  DSCN1072 DSCN1201 I loved that table. It was our first thrift store purchase and makeover as a married couple and it came with us from our first apartment and into our first home. It’s so special to me. I am thankful that a sweet friend bought it from us and will soon have two beautiful kids that they are adopting (YAY!!) making memories around the table.

Sorry got nostalgic for a second. Back to my point.

Our current dining room used to be a porch. It was closed in at some point and now it’s just a massive space with a super awkward corner (see old photo below). Sidenote: I have a ton of ideas for that space but for now it stays weird. DSCN1524 Our previous table and chairs was drowning in the space and we weren’t utilizing the room in the best way the we knew we could. We just knew that we didn’t have the money to buy (and even if we did–I still did not want to pay that much) to have a table twice the size. That is when Aaron put his Eagle Scout skills to work and built us a beautiful table for less than $100! And now the space feels all kinds of right. (Ignore the unfinished chairs! Ha!) DSCN1566 DSCN1572 DSCN1567 When you walked in you used to see this…THE TABLE IS HIDING. livingroom1 And now it looks more like this… DSCN1562 It completely makes a difference. So the lesson here is: finding the right fit for the space. That does not always mean it has to cost more. Actually our new 9 ft table and 10 chairs cost maybe only $100 (if even) more than our 6 ft table and six chairs. There are always ways to save cost. It just requires patience and time and understanding it won’t be perfect. Who wants perfect anyways?!?!

*This post reminds me of my rug post awhile back. You know when I compared rugs to a good pair of jeans.

What in your home isn’t feeling right because of the size ratio to the room? I would love to help!

Happy hump day my amigas (and maybe one or two amigos).

BTW, you’re the perfect fit 😉

Shanaynay!!! rightfit

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