Second Room Reveal

6th November 2015

So you remember when I told you that I was hired to help design two girls bedrooms? You can see the first room reveal here.

Well today I am so excited to show you the second room. Abby LOVES reptiles. Which makes me happy because anyone who knows me knows that alligators were kind of my thing growing up (and through college). I still have a fascination with them to this day.

To refresh your memory here are some pictures of what the room looked like before. abby's room3 abby's room2 abby's room1 Abby's room 4 Now a HUGE apology for the after pictures being so bad. Daylight savings time ruined them by making it dark early so I couldn’t get any with sunlight and I forgot my actual camera so I had to take them on my phone. SLAPS FOREHEAD. I will edit with some bright pictures soon but I just couldn’t wait to show you the change.

Here is Abby’s room now and DRUM ROLLLLL!!!! abby4 abby3 abby2 abby1 abby She now has a drafting desk because she is an amazing artist. She has her reptile wall (missing one more picture in that little hole) and a nook under her bed to read, play games etc. And you can’t forget about her pet snakes that have a cozy place in her room too.

Abby’s birthday is today which is amazing because mine was yesterday! Maybe loving reptiles is a November baby thing?? I don’t know but happy birthday Abby and enjoy your sleepover in your new room!!

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