Life just got nuts.

29th August 2016

It was a big weekend for us in the Tillman household. We had our anatomy scan where we got to see baby T moving all about, hear the heartbeat and actually see the chambers of the heart. We saw all the little toes and the babe’s cute face but we made sure to close our eyes as the tech took pictures of the gender.
us babe T We left the appointment with pictures of our little miracle in hand including the gender pictures that were stapled shut. We wouldn’t be finding out until the following evening with a handful of our closest friends.

An hour before our big reveal Aaron randomly constructed a divider to hide the pink and blue fireworks. I loved it and appreciated his thoughtfulness to decorate it up 🙂  bog You guys we really didn’t get great pictures of the reveal. Because it was dark and my friends used phones so there is nothing professional about these pictures at all. And strangely I like it. These are the unedited, raw pictures of the night. They’re blurry and imperfect and I love them.

P.s HUGE thanks to Marcos for lighting them for us.  f4 f5 f8 f9 f3 f7 firework f6 f2 f1

BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron and I both knew (me especially) this little babe was a boy. And while I ended the girl streak of all my friends and had to grieve that I wouldn’t be having a daughter to join their girl circle–I am SO excited to be a boy mom. I know God specifically chose us to be Abram’s (NAME ALERT!) parents and I am honored to carry that title.

Abram is already a loved little boy and I can’t wait to share all the hilarious and crazy things I learn on this journey. A huge thank you to my fellow boy mom friends who spoke such life into me. It really takes a village and Aaron and I have the best village there is.  boy1 boy Life just got a little nuttier! nuts

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  1. Erin

    Congratulations to infinity!!! I love being a boy mom 🙂 Although I’m sure I’d love being a girl mom too haha. And Abram? What a sweet name!!


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