17th December 2015

*I haven’t posted in what seems like a while (maybe a week or so) mostly because I don’t have any pictures. That is THE hardest part about blogging to me. People like to see pretty pictures and honestly I am just not that great at taking them or I forget because hey real life happens. So here is my warning: This post has zero pictures. Yep. Zero. And I don’t care. BOOM!

I have been wrestling so much this year about Christmas and trying to discover what I really believe about it. Sorry to disappoint but I am still processing this. And honestly I think it’s something I’ll process for the rest of my life.

However this year feels liberating for me. I stopped shopping/going broke “just because” or out of obligation. I said no to the pressure of finding the perfect gift and having a budget specifically for Christmas. A budget that we really didn’t have. I love to give and I love surprises. But Christmas shopping was literally killing that joy and it had to stop.

So I did.

Instead we choose to continue to give to organizations and people that were in true need and gave extra wherever we could. I also bought my husband a new saw (already told him) last month, got my nephew some pj’s and my mom (can’t say in case she is reading) something too. Does that mean they’re my favorite people? No. I mean I love them all dearly but there are so many other people in my life I love dearly too. People that giving a gift too would make me happy. People that I will continue to give to throughout the year. When they’re not expecting it!

You guys I am not Scrooge and I am certainly not hating on those who love Christmas shopping. I have already received some of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts. Gifts that I know were given to me out of joy and not obligation.

But I have also heard many others stressing about it. Then I googled about Christmas stress and it just broke my heart. Christmas is as stressful to people as moving, divorce, death etc. WHAT the WHAT! I know that’s not what God had in mind for us years and years ago when Jesus was born.


And that’s all I have so far. I don’t have any answers but I do believe that Jesus’ birth and death was for my  our freedom through His mighty sacrifice, grace and love. So I am choosing that this Christmas and it’s liberating.

And if I could get all my friends and family a gift. It would be the gift of freedom in the Lord. A gift available for all.

Give yourself permission to release yourself from the pressure. From the obligation. Praying that you will find the joy in giving again and carry it with you throughout the year.

*P.s I still feel that I am not conveying what is really going on in my heart but I will keep trying. I’ll keep sorting. And I encourage you to do the same!

One thought on “Freedom

  1. Aunt Cathy

    Very well said, sweet niece! Uncle Jon and I have been doing this for years. We are still digging ourselves out of the “expected” Christmas gifting debt that we allowed for so many years. I do not believe that God is pleased with all of the stressful things we call “Christmas”. We have simply decided to make Christmas Day about Him and enjoying time with our family. Love you and Aaron so much and hope you have a Blessed Christmas! Hope to see you both soon!!


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