DIY Buffet Reveal

1st September 2016

*This is a follow up post to that other post I wrote here.

I am officially the worst at taking pictures. I forget all the time and when I actually remember there is a tropical storm warning issued for Florida and that means the house is crazy dark. But do I care or let it stop me from posting these said terrible pictures? No way.

This storm doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and I would hate to keep you waiting. I sound all selfless there but really I am just impatient. But I promise I do think about you and how I told you the reveal pictures were to come. And I am a woman of  my word.

These are all captured on my trusty smart phone that really isn’t all that smart. No Iphone or anything but it gets the job done. Maybe (I can’t promise because I am the worst at taking pictures remember?!?) I will actually take some with my camera. Maybe.  b5 Of course Paisley had to sneak in there. Isn’t she the cutest?  b3 b2 b1 I shopped the house for a few things to decorate the buffet with. It’s not permanent but it works and I am digging it. And just to prove how awesome my phone camera actually is—here are some more pictures below for your entertainment. I like to think the dark one is a silhouette type 🙂 b1 b3 Thanks for loving me despite my imperfections. Hopefully better pictures to come.

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