Comparing vs. Connecting

23rd September 2015

When I read Simply Tuesday there was an entire chapter on competing and connecting and how we cannot do both. They just can’t live together under a single roof. Such a simple idea with so much truth. When I am competing with you for the prettiest home with the best paint colors and the cutest fall decor then I cannot connect with you. And ultimately that’s what I (hopefully we) really want. To connect and share in our passion for Jesus, decorating and making a house a home.

I realize it’s a completely different world now with social media though. Pinterest is our new bff and she (yes Pinterest is a she) makes it so easy to fall into the trap of comparison. It’s easy to never feel satisfied with your home because your “dream” home looks more like hers. I have been SO guilty of this before. I almost allowed the comparison game to prevent me from starting this blog. Thoughts like: my ideas aren’t good enough, my style isn’t cool enough, my DIY skills aren’t that great…lies lies and more lies. They creep in sometimes without recognition, paralyzing us and forming walls between us. livingroom2 That is the opposite of what I want. It’s taking time but I am learning that my own style and home doesn’t have to look like yours or hers or theirs. It needs to look like mine, like ours (Aaron included). Because our home is an expression of who we are. Isn’t that what everyone’s home should be? An extension of your personality, your heart.

I love when I walk into other people’s houses and I can see their personality displayed. There is something so beautiful and cozy about that. I am encouraged by so many ladies who share their gorgeous homes but I refuse to compete with them. I want to celebrate their style and their skills and learn from them. I appreciate their own touch to their home but I also appreciate my own.

DSCN0528 As a family living off one income I am proud of the home we are building. One that is within our means and one that invites others in despite its unfinished parts.  I pray that when you come to this space or to my home you will celebrate with me and not be tempted to compete. Take joy in your own unique and personal style while still appreciating others and the beauty they bring to the table.

Our different opinions of what beauty is makes the world richer (and I’m not talking about money). It’s the connection of embracing our art, style, passions and sharing them with the world that are attractive. And because I couldn’t think of a better analogy–here is a picture of my yard next to my neighbors. Our grass is definitely dead but I appreciate and celebrate the beautiful roses from our neighbors yard (especially the ones peeking through the gate). Their beauty radiates into my yard–thank the Lord.

20150922_192300 20150922_192334 I just want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and encouragement as I have started this adventure. I feel so lucky to be celebrated and to be connecting with others. I pray that you feel celebrated too because you and your gifts are necessary and WORTH IT!

I appreciate you,




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