Christmas Home Tour

2nd December 2015

This is our last Christmas with Aaron being in school and we are right smack in the middle of crazy for him. Finals are next week so Christmas decorating has been slow and honestly not a huge priority. But of course I can’t let our cozy space be void of Holiday cheer. It’s all budget friendly because it’s mostly DIY decor or hand me downs. The best kind of decor (in my opinion!). So here is what we have this year. DSCN1198 I made these last Christmas as presents for my friends. All you need is some twine, a hot glue gun, wine or beer bottles and some paint (and some Netflix). On the back of the bottles I have painted the word FALL so it’s decor that can stay out from October through December.

My table is very simple–just some $1 vases from the thrift store with greenery from the Christmas tree, a table runner from a boutique in Georgia (approx $18) and ornaments inside another inexpensive vase from Michaels (approx $5 and used year round).  DSCN1199 It also helps that our chairs are red all year round too. DSCN1201 Our mantle is my favorite spot. Like my friend Ari said, it just makes you want to curl up and watch a Christmas movie. The mantle consists of a beautiful chalkboard art done by one of my good friends, Gary. He is seriously talented! The garland was given to me by a neighbor and I wrapped it in $3 Christmas lights. The deer were on sale after Christmas for approx $10 (best time to pick up a few new things!). The JOY wood signs were painted by me and picked up from Michaels. The candle was a purchase a few months ago from Home Goods for $20 (pricey I know but it smells so good and has lasted forever!). Lastly, the stocking were a cheap purchase from Walmart (our first married Christmas) and then Aaron and I each painted our names on. DSCN1188 DSCN1190 DSCN1192 DSCN1195 Our tree is 100% random. It’s all hand me down ornaments from my mom and from our wedding. We got married December 21st so we were gifted tons of ornaments. A lot of handmade ones from friends. I also have a tradition of getting Aaron an ornament with our picture and the year on it so you will find those on the tree too.  DSCN1204 If you look on the bottom right corner of the above picture you will notice our wall is still half painted and the baseboard is missing. Yeah that still hasn’t been fixed since Aaron had to bust open the wall last August. #fixerupperlife

Since we are a House Divided -Georgia Bulldogs vs. Florida Gators we have an annual bet around the football game. Winner gets their team’s ornaments hung on the front of the tree. I lost the best this year…hence the obnoxious glowing Gator ornament 😉

Not pictured: All my free Christmas printables throughout the house. Such a cheap and easy way to bring some cheer into the house (just search pinterest!)!

Well there you have it–it’s nothing magazine worthy but it’s in our budget and it fits our family. And now we are able to give more to others which is the most important tradition we have.

I am so thankful Christmas isn’t about how great my home is decorated. Glory to the newborn King! DSCN1205

Merry & Bright,


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