Chalk full of Ideas!

12th August 2015

Have you ever been given  a framed piece of art that you’re not sure what to do with or it’s just not your style?  I have (Sorry Aunt Wanda).  Instead of throwing it away or letting it collect dust in the attic–I found a new purpose for it.

Exibit A:


The first thing I did was tape off the sides. Make sure you really take your time on this. If you’re as impatient as me this will happen…


OOOPS. Good thing I am okay with imperfect. I’ll try to take my time next time. *Editor’s note: My friend Ari informed me you can use a magic eraser and it will come off. I tried her tip probably weeks later and it came off for the most part. I should have done it sooner! (She is so smart!)

Then I put three coats of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint (found at Home Depot in the paint section) on the glass. Make sure to allow for the proper dry time in between coats.


*Warning: Does not come with adorably cute puppy.

Once it’s dry you need to season your chalkboard. Take the side of your chalk and cover the entire surface vertically and then horizontally. You can wipe with a soft cloth once finished. This step is SO IMPORTANT to ensure that you can wipe the board fully after each change.

seasoned chalkboard

Once you have completely wiped off all the chalk your board will look like this and it will be ready to decorate.

DIY Chalkboard

I then went on Pinterest and found chalkboard inspiration. Here is my final product! P.s It was so easy to wipe when I made mistakes (because trust me that happened).

Diy Chalkboard

Shot from the floor.


Hung up on our wall!


DIY Chalkboard

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful gallery wall. I am inspired and yes that’s the show Parenthood (still loving it!!!)

What’s your favorite DIY Chalkboard quote? I always want the perfect (does that exist) quote on my chalkboards. However, “Together is a beautiful place to be” hanging in our living room where friends gather does feel “perfect”.

You can do this,



One thought on “Chalk full of Ideas!

  1. Ari

    One of my favorite projects that has created such a great addition to our entry way. For the spray paint that found its way to the frame if you take a magic eraser to it it should take the excess paint righ off, it did for my chalkboard frame.


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