The most busy time of year.

20th December 2016

***This post has been sitting in my drafts folder since September. I hit publish without any editing of the original post. It all still feels so relevant for me.***

Everyone has their “busy” seasons and fall always feels like mine. It’s absolutely self inflicted. I love the fall season so much that I want to do as many things as possible starting September and carry the fun through the Holidays.

On top of the things I actually plan are the other things that get planned for me. Weddings. Showers. Birthday dinners. Celebrations. Football games. The list goes on.

It’s totally fun and I am not complaining. For this extroverted heart I live off this kind of energy–even if being pregnant makes me 10 times more tired. When is nap time?

Speaking of growing a human, I have been thinking about all that is going to change coming up. How slow and fast life is about to become with a newborn. How very difficult it will be at first to just pick up and go. How lonely it might will be. How sanctifying the whole process will be.   babes I haven’t written much. Mostly because I have nothing to say. That’s actually not really true. I have a lot to say but sometimes I am not sure how to string my thoughts into words here for you. And maybe that’s been my problem lately? While I write for you–I’ve stopped writing for me. Instead I have been filling my days with people and processing outside of this space. Taking off all the pressure I put on myself to have the perfect post with the perfect images.

If I am going to continue blogging it has to be because I want to. And in this season I am still trying to figure that out.

***And that is where I stopped and never picked back up. Revisiting this draft has reminded me of the seasons of life and how much I need to pay attention to them. The last few months have been so full and blogging just didn’t fit into my life. Did I miss it? Absolutely. But it’s been such a relieving break for me. I hope to get back into it–especially once Abram is born. I know that documenting our parenthood journey and all the restoration we will experience will be so valuable to me.

The best thing about writing here is that I have no deadlines, nothing to be graded and no expectations. It’s a space to process, share and just be. Thank you for allowing me breaks when I need them and for following along on this journey of ours and being such an encouragement.

I love sharing life with you. Even when I am not writing here, I am sharing our restoration story over on Instagram — you can join me there too.

P.s T-minus one month until baby boy arrives (give or take). Send prayers and lots of chocolate.

Until next time


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