A beautiful accident turned buffet

17th August 2016

While I was away at the Haven Conference a few weekends ago, Aaron was busy building me a media console. At least that was the plan. Something I adore about Aaron is he will try most anything even if he doesn’t know 100% what he is doing going into it— he just learns and makes mistakes as he goes and teaches himself. And that is what happened here. He set out to build the media console but the measurements were off and it ended up being too big for the space.

P.s here is why I wanted a media console: 1. Because cords everywhere (this picture is hiding them well and I didn’t have a backup one in my media library to show the true madness) 2. So I can actually use my crates in other ways besides hiding cords 3. To be able to close off all the gadgets (cable box, playstation etc) 4. And truthfully so it doesn’t look so messy and thrown together. gallery-wall-living-room Since the media console Aaron was building wasn’t going to fit our space–we found another use for it. See in the picture below the stretch of wall? The media console magically became a buffet table. DSCN1567 Check out my instagram photo & here too for a glimpse into the chaotic process of building the buffet. I also captured a few current photos of the space: our dinning room = our tool holding area. And I have done a great job at just letting it be and not trying to clean it up. The Lord works miracles! (But seriously it is cramping my workout space a bit ha!) mismatched-chairs Farmhouse-dining-room DIY-Buffet Farmhouse-Dining But boy, it sure is a beautiful accident isn’t it? I can’t wait to stain/paint it. What colors would you do? I am all ears to your vote.

9 thoughts on “A beautiful accident turned buffet

  1. Colette @ restyle it wright

    I love a good buffet! Looks like you have a lot of pops of red throughout your home…do something unexpected like that! Have fun it’s just paint 🙂

    1. Married to Restoration Post author

      Aaron is definitely handy as well. He just goes with the flow and only glances over instructions and that’s why things always end up a little different 😉 But his work is always beautiful. I like your paint suggestions and I think you might like what we end up doing! Hopefully we will have it finished this week so I can reveal it but you know #life.

  2. Sabrina

    Wow that buffet looks really nice! He did an amazing Job! I just realized that you guys live in Jacksonville! My father in law lives in St. Augustine! It’s so cool to era a blogger so close by!


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