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MTR (2) Welcome to Married to Restoration! We are SO glad you are interested in our crazy, broken but beautiful life.

Our story of purchasing our fixer upper is an absolute God thing. You can read a few posts from that adventure here from my old blog. In a nutshell, we bought the house in June of 2014 after many months of waiting and waiting and waiting. We then waited a few more months (4.5 to be exact but who is counting anyways??) until our house was “livable”. I can’t say move in ready because that makes you feel like the house is finished and well…. that’s a hilarious joke 😉 We lived out of our suitcases for those months and bounced around friend’s houses. WE LOVE THOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES SO MUCH for providing for us during that stressful time! (P.s there is so much more to that story that I would love to share with anyone ever interested in hearing about God’s provision and faithfulness)

At last Halloween Night we were all moved in! Since then we have embraced the mess, the dust, the painting, and all the lessons that an old house has to teach. This blog will have tons of DIY projects (good and bad!) but it will also feature all that God has shown us and has taught us through restoring our home. I look forward to sharing our restoration journey–it’s one of both our home and hearts. DSC_8128 (2) In prayers and paint,

Shaina & Aaron

But mostly Shaina

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