The Tillmans: Shaina & Aaron DSC_8113 It seems impossible to describe who we are in such a short space. It’s even harder because we are still learning and growing in all God is teaching us. Here are a few facts that will help you get to know us on a very basic level…of course as time goes on I only hope to share more of us and our hearts with you.


Special Events Coordinator

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie LOVER

Original cat lover but our dog Paisley has changed that

Washed up college softball player for University of North Florida

Love to run, bike and just be active with Aaron

All things old, DIY and in need of my TLC

My best friends are my family

Learning to quit my self-doubting with the help of Jesus and my sweet husband

The Office, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, Army Wives on REPEAT


Graduate student in Physical Therapy

Ice cream, any dessert, LOVER

Washed up track star for University of North Florida

But still can beat you in a race

Eagle Scout

Dreamer & Builder & Doer

The man behind everything—he puts my dreams to life

Will play any sport even if he isn’t good at it

Still very competitive though

Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Parenthood but only one time through


We have a desire to:


Own a farm

Grow a garden

Fix up houses

Share the love of Jesus


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  1. Nicole

    We have a ten month old between ninth and tenth on market! my husband daughter and I walk our dog by your house almost every week day! Hope to meet in person one day!


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