A time to mourn

20th July 2015

I read an email this morning that said “When life swallows you whole like an angry sea.” That’s exactly how I feel today—with a side of unexplainable hope.


This morning is a little bit heavier as I think  about two beautiful lives that ended here on Earth yesterday. Over the past few months I have been praying for two separate lives impacted by disease and I have seen God’s hand move and work in ways that only He can. They may have left this world but they have gained an eternal life with Christ. They have finished their race and I know wholeheartedly that God is proud of their fight and how their stories are glorifying His name.

I know I said I would post pictures of our house warming but that wasn’t what was on my heart.  I called this blog Married to Restoration for a reason. It’s because I believe in the restoration of our hearts and lives for Christ. I believe in 2 Corinthians 4 where we are promised that the eternal glory we will receive far outweighs our current sufferings. I believe because I have seen the Spirit bring peace and healing in the darkest of places. These two separate lives and stories are the truest example of the promise we have in eternal life. Please pray for our brothers and sisters who have lost dear loved ones and desperately need to feel the overwhelming peace of Christ during this heart breaking time. I am so blessed by their courage and unwavering faith in our Lord.

Yesterday this world lost a beautiful and young mother, wife, daughter and sister and an adorable, sweet and precious little boy. Heaven rejoices and the angels sing for you Eli and Ashleigh.

eli ashleigh

Read their inspiring journeys here and here.

In Him,


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